Inviting some friends over for a little guy-time and enjoying life the way you are supposed to is certainly something that occurs rather rarely. I mean, when was the last time when you just enjoyed a good card game, a couple of beers and good company?

Most of us live incredibly busy lives and even though it seems like we might catch a break tomorrow, it’s usually never happens. Now, apart from the fact that it’s a great way to catch-up with friends, you should know a little bit about what card games to play, how to play them and after all, play games and win money. Let’s go through the games a little bit.

1. Texas Hold’em

Now, what’s so interesting about the Cadillac of Poker? First of all, the fact that it’s incredibly easy to learn – so if any of your party members have no idea how to play, learning the rules will be a piece of cake. A couple of interesting tips would be – learning what a good starting hand is in this particular poker variation. You should also know what the worst hands to begin with are, so you won’t be surprise you lose. Figure out what the best position at the table might be for you because this surely cannot hurt you or your game. Learn more about the principles behind a good poker etiquette.

2. Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo

Now what about this one? Well, first of all, it’s incredibly popular in both home games and casinos, but it comes with a different difficulty level. While a Texas Hold’em game can be based strictly on luck, the Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo requires a little bit more precision, a little bit of mathematics and maybe some luck. Basically, when learning this game you need to focus on picking your 5 card hand out of the 7 cards you get t pick from. It will be either a high hand or a low hand – depends on how the game is played.

3. Five Card Draw

Compared to all the other variations we mentioned until now, the Five Card Draw is the classic game of Poker – it’s incredibly easy to play, and it can be quite fun for a guy’s night that doesn’t need to get all that serious in the end. What you can do to increase your odds is to focus a little bit on your betting basics and how the trading of cards actually work. Brushing up on winning strategies can also be a smart thing to do.

4. Deuce-to-seven Triple Draw

Since we’ve just mentioned the five-card draw, it seems only natural to mention a lovely variation of it. Now, as opposed to the typical five-card draw, the Deuce-to-seven Triple Draw comes with two important elements – basically, every player gets to draw triply, and there’s a round of betting after each of them. This game is played for low, therefore you’d like to get the worst hand you can get without going at a flush, for example.

5. Double Draw

One last poker game for the evening – similar to a regular five-card draw, the double draw allows the players to draw a series of new cards twice instead of only once. An additional round of betting is obviously included.