The rules of blackjack include several major points. They are the rules for betting, the structure of the game, the counting of blackjack cards and explanation of main types of blackjack hands. Here you will find the information on the last two points. The value of cards is easy to remember. All face cards worth 10. The numbered cards’ value is equal to their numbers. The only thing to focus on is the Ace. It can be 11 or 1. The player may choose between the two values of the Ace. This dual nature of Aces can make the hand hard or soft. Soft hand is the card combination with the Ace as 11, and hard hand is the combination with no Aces, or with an Ace, valued as 1.

The great thing about soft hands is that the player can add a card to the soft hand. For example, you have a soft 18, and you draw a 4. You think you’re busted? No, you are not! There’s nothing to worry about. The ace transforms itself from “eleven” to “one” and your game is saved. There’s also a hand called the stiff hand. It’s the combination of cards, which sum up to something between 12 and 16. This hand is not good – it’s hard to make the right decision with stiff hand. It is too low to defeat the dealer, but too high to draw another card without risk of busting. Online you can find a blackjack system, which offers recommendations for stiff hands.