No matter what way of gambling you prefer, online or offline, for successful blackjack playing you need to understand the types of hands in blackjack. Why is it so important? Just imagine the situation, when you join an online casino blackjack game or sit at the real table, and then you are informed that “the dealer must hit soft seventeen”. If you don’t understand, what that termination means, you wouldn’t know the rules for the dealer, and as a result you wouldn’t know what strategy to choose while playing. You should clearly understand the concept soft and hard blackjack hands, if you want to be a good player. This concept in a great degree affects the rules of the game.

The hard hand is a hand, which doesn’t include any Aces, or it includes an Ace counted as “one”. An example of hard hand is 7, 9 and an Ace, valued as “one”. This is called the “hard 17″. The hand with an Ace, counted as “eleven”, is soft. An Ace and 6 comprise the “soft 17″. So, now when you know this information, you are able to understand that phrase from the dealer’s rules! In many online and offline casinos there are certain exceptions for the dealer’s rules. So, prior to starting gambling, you should confirm that you know the specific rules of the casino or website. Online you can use free casino blackjack games, as a way to find out a winning strategy for the particular set of dealer’s rules.