If you are starting a gambling career, and the blackjack is one of the games, you plan to master, then following guide will be of great interest for you. Do you know, what the key card in blackjack game is? Yes, it’s the Ace. It’s a unique card, which has the magic power to change its value in different situations. This card can make your hand hard or soft. The blackjack counting is an easy task, the only exception here is the Ace. The hard hand is the combination of cards, which includes an Ace, which has value of 1. For example, 6, 10 and an ace (as 1) is a hard hand – the “hard 17″. If you count the Ace as “eleven”, you will go over the twenty-one – you will lose the game! The hand without any aces is also called hard.

The soft hand includes an Ace, which has a value of “eleven”. An ace and 8 can be called the “soft 19″. You should understand the importance of Aces, as it allows to use the basic strategy charts. In those charts all the combinations are categorized according to the type of the blackjack hand. The soft hands have a special section in basic strategy. Soft hands give an additional opportunity to win. If your cards counting shows, that you have too low hand with an ace, you can count the Ace as “one” and draw another card. So, without magic Aces the blackjack game wouldn’t be so exciting.