No matter what casino game you plan to master, you should start with learning the rules. So, here you will find the explanation of blackjack game rules. You might have heard that blackjack is also called the “twenty one”. This is the value of winning hand. If your cards sum up to this number – you are the winner! If the dealer and the player couldn’t get 21, than the hand, which is the closest to that winning number, wins. But if your cards sum up to something more than 21, you lose. For example, if the hands are 18 and 19, the second hand wins; if the hands are 18 and 22, the first hand wins. So, let’s pay attention to the value of cards in blackjack. Numbered cards are counted as their numbers – 6′s are 6 points, 7′s are 7 points, and so on. All the face cards, which are Queens, Jacks and Kings, are counted as ten points. The Ace can be one or eleven. The suit of the card isn’t important in blackjack, only the ranking. Now you know the rules and it’s time to visit william hill mobile casino where you will be able to practice your skills.

If you are a beginner, than online blackjack is a better game for you. On the web you can read the guides and watch video tutorials. You may use training programs to master the casino blackjack rules and the basics of the game. If you like, you can join online lessons at some online school, or you can attend private lessons with a professional trainer. All these services are accessible online for more convenience.