If you plan to play free blackjack, the following information may help you to improve your playing skill. So, what are the rules of thumb for blackjack game? The first rule is this: get a hand valued twenty-one or less, and if you go over twenty one points – your bet is lost. That’s why blackjack is also known as “Twenty One”. All the suits are equal in blackjack. Numbered cards are of the same value as their numbers. Kings, Jacks and Queens are counted as ten. The Ace is a unique card, which can change its value according to player’s wish. The Ace can be 1 or 11. Unlike the many other card games in blackjack you compete against the bank, and not against the other players.

The next rule states, that the player should hit, if he has 17 or something higher. There are also many recommendations on how to behave at the table. In casinos it’s usually noisy, so you should say clearly, what you want to do. There were situations, when the dealer couldn’t hear the player’s decision. Finally, the most important rule, if you plan to play blackjack games, is to enjoy the game, but control yourself no matter what happens.